Medicine adds ‘years’ to life

Rehabilitation adds ‘life’ to years!

First, of its kind in India, NewRo Rehab Bangalore offers End to End Neurological Rehabilitation for stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, Parkinsonism, Gullien Barrie Syndrome (GBS), Myopathies, peripheral nerve injuries (PNI) etc

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Advanced Neuro Care Centre


The Residential Rehab Facility (RRF)

The Residential Rehab Facility (RRF) – providing affordable, intense & comprehensive inter-disciplinary rehab in a ‘homely’ community setting for disabled patients who cannot commute daily for rehab or those who are from out of town.

Success Story

Operating on my brain? Carry on, I'll play my guitar.

Mr. Abhishek Prasad had been suffering from a neurological disorder that caused his fingers to cramp in one hand, preventing him from strumming properly. He said, “I thought the stiffness was because of over-practice. I took a break and tried again and realized that there was no respite from the stiffness. Some doctors told me it was muscle fatigue and I was given painkillers, multivitamins, antibiotics, physiotherapy. Nothing Helped…

Later when I consulted Dr.Sharan “I was advised to undergo brain surgery, but I got scared. But my doctor Sharan Srinivasan gave me the confidence to do it.”

Dr. Srinivasan, a stereotactic and functional neurosurgeon at the Jain Institute of Movement Disorders and Stereotactic Neurosurgery, conducted the operation on July 11.


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