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The Mission of NewRo Rehab is to provide complete/ comprehensive and holistic/multidisciplinary/multidimensional rehabilitation services for those recovering from nervous system injuries/strokes, spinal cord injury/surgeries with care and compassion.

  • We are committed to helping the patients and their family return to their maximum possible functional level/potential within their social and business communities.We take pride in providing the highest quality of care and effective therapy approaches.
  • We will always strive to improve and enhance the functional outcomes by constant technological upgradation and innovation, challenging the very frontiers of current medical science. 
  • We aim to be the world leaders in the business of neuro rehabilitation fueled by our passion for delivering exceptional therapy/treatment and thus creating extraordinary/ magical results using technology with a human(e) touch.

Provide complete and comprehensive and holistic and multidisciplinary rehabilitation services for those recovering from nervous system injuries, strokes, spinal cord surgeries and neurologic diseases with care and compassion.

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