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Occupational Therapy

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NewRo follows 'Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation' Model. The role of Occupational Therapy at NewRo, is defined as follows
    Neurological Rehabilitation of Upper Extremity
    Wheelchair Mobility & Functional Abilities Training (This include but not limited to, Various wheelchair maneuvers, transfers from wheelchair to bed and viz., toilet transfer, graded transfer training to patients with SCI, use of assistive device like cane / crutches for various transfers etc…)
    Activities of Daily Living (ADL) training
    Cognitive Perceptual training [Note: Cognitive Rehabilitation at NewRo is handled by 3 departments. These departments and their functional domains are described below 1) Dept. of Neuropsychology & Cognitive Rehab - Cognitive assessment using standardized and non-standardized evaluation methods, Interventions for various 'components' of cognition like attention, memory etc.. 2) Dept. of Speech Language Pathology - Assessment and intervention for Cognitive Linguistics Skills 3) Dept. of Occupational Therapy - Assessment and training for 'Functional Cognition', ie., building and integration of various cognitive, visual-perceptual and perceptual - motor skills which are hindering the effective participation in ADL, Work and Leisure of clients who seeks Occupational Therapy services. In addition to the cognitive retraining, Occupational Therapy gives a special emphasize to perceptual and perceptual - motor rehabilitation. 

  •     Sensory Stimulation (Coma Stimulation)
  •     Prevocational Evaluation and 'Occupation' based training
  •     Ergonomics
  •     Home making skills training
  •     'Home Evaluation' (Environmental Assessment in broader sense) and recommendation for necessary modifications 
  •     Prescription and / or fabrication of various assistive devices (like wheelchair, cane, crutches etc…) and adaptive devices (like glass holder, weighted spoon, reacher etc…)
  •     Prescription and fabrication of upper extremity splinting


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