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Pain Services

PAIN– anywhere in the body – is a pain for everybody. Whether it is the common low back pain (LBA), neck and upper back pain, myofascial pains, fibromyalgias, headaches including migraines, Repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) etc, or the severe intractable pains seen in many cancer patients especially in the terminal stages

Most pains are usually due to benign, mechanical and other causes but, a small number of cases are due to rare but serious conditions. Whether the PAIN being experienced is a simple one or an indicator of something more ominous has to be diagnosed very throughly.  Only then can a comprehensive treatment plan put in place to ensure long lasting results and benefits. This usually does not happen with clarity under a single individual of one specialty or skill

We, at Newro Pain Services work as a complete team as accepted Internationally, which includes a neurosurgeon (Brain & Spine surgeon), pain physician, a manual Therapist ( a physiotherapist trained in manual therapy), occupational therapist &a psychologist. The treatments we offer encompasses everything – starting from treating simple myofascial pain with trigger point therapy to pain interventions like epidural steroids, radiofrequency lesioning &even surgical treatment on the need basis.

This is the first time that such a comprehensive dedicated team has been put together to address a single but multifaceted issue called PAIN! We have been operational since the last 13 months and have provided MAGICAL pain relief to over 200 patients already!

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