Dr. Dhavalagi, a 55 years old male, resident of Gulbarga, with no co-morbidities is a case of Left MCA infarct. He was apparently well till 06th February 2017, when he developed weakness over the right side of the body. He was taken to Yashodha Hospital at Hyderabad immediately. MRI scan revealed he suffered Left MCA infarct with occlusion at the M2 artery. Thrombolysis was done and later he was shifted to Jain Hospital on 14th February 2017 for further management.

He was referred to NewRo on 14/02/2017 for further rehabilitation

With following complaints: Inability to use right upper extremity for functional activities, Dependent in most of the daily tasks like dressing, eating etc, He had difficulty identifying body parts, discriminate right and left side, comprehension, depth perception issues were present, Apraxia (ideational and dressing) is present, Inability to communicate (comprehension and expression deficits)
After a few session of speech, language and swallow therapy the patient showed Verbal Comprehension skills improved over the sessions and also developed 30-40 word expression. Seeing the healing, the beginning was powerful and moving. Cognitively, his response became a bit more purposeful and oriented. Physically, he was able to sit and stand independently and walk with minimal support. His upper extremity strength improved. He was able to carry out his basic activities.