Dr. Kamal Singh

My name is Dr K.K. Singh, 63 years old. I live in Patna. I am a general surgeon in Patna and have my own hospital. My wife is also a doctor. She is also practising there.

I suffered from stroke on 15 august and was unable to speak.

Within 2 hrs my left side was paralyzed completely. I immediately went to Dr. Rahul Kumar a neurologist. I was in ICU for 1 day. He then discharged me saying that I have Lacunar infarct. He then referred to a physiotherapist who used to come home for a month of therapy.
Later in September, I was brought to Bangalore to NewRo. My rehabilitation started immediately for about a month. I had difficulty in speaking, not clear and slight unintelligible speech. I was in a wheel chair when I started my therapy, unable to stand or walk. I needed support each and every time. My hand was unable to do the work I needed to. This made me even more anxious. After a month of therapy, I started recovering and improvement was drastic.

Now my speech is clear and slurring is reduced. I am now able to walk without support and do my daily activities independently.