My son Kishan is a 16-year-old boy, who aspires to clear CA exams.
He was a good student throughout school.

Within two months of joining college, when he went out on a trip.

to Muttathi forest along with his friends, their car met with a major accident. One of his friends died ‘on the spot’, while my son sustained a severe head injury. He had vomiting, nasal bleeding, and later became unconscious (coma state).

He was given first-aid at the accident spot and later moved to NIMHANS

The doctors did a CT scan of the brain which showed Diffuse Axonal Injury (blunt injury) with bleeding on both sides and pooling of blood in the left side of the brain. After two weeks in NIMHANS, he was moved to Prasanth Hospital where he stayed for another 15 days. All through this time, Kishan was fed on naso-gastric tube. He was not speaking and had a lot of behavioural issues like irritability, anger & inattention.
He was not able to walk or use his right hand to do his daily activities. He was heavily dependent on us for everything. At both the above-mentioned hospitals, I was advised that the present condition of my son was the best possible outcome and I had to be ‘thankful to God’ for this! I was extremely unhappy at their reaction. I wanted my son to recover completely. Hence, I started looking for other hospitals. I made a promise to myself that I would look for a rehab centre where my son would get the required guidance and support to overcome his disabilities.
I then came to know about Dr Sharan Srinivasan and his rehabilitation team called ‘NewRo’ at Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital (BMJH). I met Dr Sharan and his team. They looked through Kishan’s reports and clearly explained how things would be carried out during our stay in the hospital. They assured me that my son would be able to recover and most importantly instilled hope in me and my wife. We decided to immediately shift him to BMJH. Here, he underwent physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Within two weeks of therapy, he started using his right hand and began to stand with support. He also started to speak and communicate his needs verbally in short utterances. He was discharged from BMJH in a month. By this time, Kishan had started to walk with one-person support, began to eat and spoke meaningfully although his volume was low. We found excellent results after one month of rehab at BMJH. Further, we started attending all four therapies on OPD basis at NewRo Rehabilitation Centre, Okalipuram.
We visited NewRo on OPD basis for two months. In those two months, I saw my son improve drastically. He began to speak clearly in sentences, spontaneously used his right hand to independently perform all his Activities of Daily Living (ADL) like brushing, dressing and combing. He started walking without the support and soon began to run! The loudness of his voice increased and he soon turned out to sound like the ‘old Kishan’. In addition, his cognitive-behavioural skills like inattention, anger, inappropriateness was resolved after cognitive retraining and counselling sessions with Dr Pratibha. After completing two months of therapy at NewRo, he started going to college. Furthermore, he studied and wrote his I PUC exams in which he performed well. My son is back to being the same person he was before the accident and I am glad that he has resumed playing badminton.
NewRo played a crucial role in giving me back my child. I am ever grateful to Dr Sharan and his fantastic team for providing my son with efficient neuro rehabilitation. As advised by them, I started my son’s treatment early, which was helpful in gaining back his lost functions. I also understood the importance of regular and continuous therapy. NewRo has left no stone unturned! I am now positive that my son will be able to achieve his dreams successfully in future.