Taskin Ali with Multi Task Dystonia

He travelled for miles all the way from Bangladesh. But, the journey of 10.5 cms inside his brain was the distance doctors took to give him a new lease of life, a distance worth travelling, for a journey of a lifetime.

This is a 31 year old computer engineer from Dhaka, Bangladesh who started playing guitar in the year 2005 and in 2008, he chose to make music and playing guitar his ‘profession’. In 2013, he began noticing some discomfort in his left middle finger while playing guitar and this symptom progressively worsened and also began involving other fingers if his left hand - so much so that since 2014 his ability to play guitar has come down by nearly 80%, this affecting his earnings, career growth and future. He also found it difficult to operate the mobile with his left hand (especially typing with his left thumb) and performing delicate activities with his left hand. He was finally diagnosed as having FHD - Focal Hand Dystonia by a senior neurologist @Dhaka! When he was told that there is NO CURE, he became very depressed ?. The difficulty in diagnosing such conditions is because the MRI of the Brain and all other tests will all be NORMAL!. Then, when he read the story of Abhishek Prasad, the first person in India to undergo surgery to cure his Guitarist Dystonia, in July 2017, he saw HOPE. However, due to this long standing problems, his earnings was very less and he took 10 months to save up money to be able to afford this treatment! He even sold one of his guitars for raising money! His symptoms were very severe and involved all 5 fingers of his left hand. He demonstrated how he has changed the way he holds his hand and uses his fingers on the guitar to try and compensate for the disability so that he can at least perform and earn his daily livelihood!

Inability to play guitar with left hand
Multi Task Dystonia Symptoms
Inability to flip/ manipulate a coin
Multi Task Dystonia Symptoms- Newro Rehab
Difficulty to type with left hand
Multi Task Dystonia Symptoms- Newro Rehab
Difficulty to use mobile with left hand
Multi Task Dystonia Symptoms -Newro Rehab
Able to flip coin – during surgery!
Multi Task Dystonia Surgery
Able to use mobile – during surgery!
Multi Task Dystonia Treatment
Multi Task Dystonia After 4 months


Taskin's story is an Inspiration and we wish him the best of luck for his future