I am Praveen Nambiar had spent more than a decade in a CITI Bank, I joined RT services company to start a new business. I moved to Chennai from Bangalore. I used to come home at weekends.

During one such travel, I met with a car accident on January 2017

I got admitted in Mahaveer Jin Hospital. During the initial diagnosisit was identified that I have blood studged in the brain and some damage in cerebrum. As there was neuro issues.

Dr. Sharan took in-charge of my treatment.

I was unconscious and was in coma stage for more than 10 days. I found difficulty in walking, speaking etc. I was not like earlier as understood by my family. As guided by dr. Sharan, the medicine course started and I started recovering steadily.
Further, I was guided to start rehabilitation and techniques really supported me to recover faster. I could overcome the cognitive issues and become more stable on emotions. My self-confidence was improved and started dealing with life more positively now.
Seeing the healing, the beginning was powerful and moving. Cognitively, his response became a bit more purposeful and oriented. Physically, he was able to sit and stand independently and walk with no support. His upper extremity strength improved. He was able to carry out his basic activities.
Now I back to my work and do work without any difficulty and assistance.