A 7th-grade student suffered from stroke. In the early stages, he had difficulty walking, swallowing, speaking and performing basic tasks using his hands.

After many days in ICU, Sanjay was stabilized

Intensive neuro rehabilitation comprising of physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy was started in the hospital.
Sanjay showed brilliant progress. He was soon able to swallow fluids, speak in short sentences post decannulation, walk with support and minimally move his upper limbs. He continued neuro rehabilitation on OPD basis immediately after discharge from hospital.
Sanjay’s recovery from stroke was rapid. Soon he began to eat all types of food orally and started to speak clearly in longer sentences without losing his breath. After a month’s therapy, he was able to walk independently. His upper extremity strength improved. He was independently able to carry out essential activities of daily living. His reading skills have also improved. He is currently working on mastering his writing skill. He is very happy with his overall progress and is now motivated to return to his school.