Shankar is a 44-year-old, right-hand dominant male from Peenya, Bangalore had an alleged history of workplace injury on his head. He was admitted to a hospital immediately. Craniotomy was done. Postoperatively he was diagnosed as Subdural hemorrhage with mass effect and right parietal sulcus Subarachnoid hemorrhage. He had right hemiparesis and altered sensorium. The patient presented with following complaints as the patient was referred for rehabilitation:

• Unable to sit to stand without support
• Unable to stand without support and walk independently
• Dependent on caregivers in all Activities of Daily Living (ADL)
• Difficulty in functional use of the right hand
• Disoriented to his environment and surroundings
• Difficulty in comprehending simple questions and commands,
• Difficulty in expression –trouble recalling words and names,
• Improper syntactic structures.
• Inappropriate responses when questioned.
• Not oriented to place and person.
During the six weeks of admission, the patient underwent regular therapy sessions where in the focus of intervention was to improve his upper limbs and lower limbs. Speech therapy was carried out for improving his communication verbally and cognitively. After 1 month of therapy sessions, patient was communicating with his family members without any difficulty in speech or cognition. His upper and lower limbs improved drastically and was finally able to walk and do his normal daily activity.