Inspector with writers cramp

We did a left Vo thalamotomy for a 40-year-old police inspector who had severe WRITERS CRAMP. He had severe pain while writing and his speed of writing was very slow and also very hesitant. He said that his 1-3 fingers of his right hand were not moving in a synchronised and dexterous way. He also felt mild tremors while writing. His job was that of a ‘writer’ and involved writing up to 15 pages in a day! Due to the fear of losing his job, he used to bribe one of his subordinates to do his work! It reached a stage when he could not even sign properly!

Writing improved during surgery itself!

Writer's Cramp Rehabilitation

After 2 weeks of Rehab

Writer's Cramp Rehab
Successful Stories: Writer's Cramp-After-surgery

18 months after Surgery

Inspector's story is an Inspiration and we wish him the best of luck for his future