Abhishek Prasad's Success Story

32-year-old gentleman left a well-paying job in the IT industry to pursue his passion – PLAYING GUITAR AS A PROFESSIONAL! For the past 20 months - started developing discomfort/ cramps in the 3/4/5th fingers of his left hand – only while playing guitar. Progressively worsened to the extent that he couldn't even play the guitar. Also appeared while typing. MRI/CT and blood investigations – all normal! When we initially suggested ‘BRAIN’ surgery – he & his family panicked. When symptoms became unbearable and severe, and he could not even type on the computer, he chose to get it done!
3rd, 4th and 5th fingers of his left hand cramps
Symptoms Before Guitarist Dystonia
Difficulty in typing with left hand
Abhishek easily playing his guitar during surgery!
Guitarist Dystonia during Operation
Able to type well after surgery on OT table
Proximal upper limb training 
Guitarist Dystonia during Rehab
Finger control training
Guitarist Dystonia during Rehab
Guitarist Dystonia Post 6 weeks of treatment


Abhishek's story is an Inspiration and we wish him the best of luck for his future

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