Stroke Most Popular Myths with Facts

10 Most Popular Myths of Stroke with Facts

Stroke is becoming common in the world as most of the people are becoming lazy and least health-conscious. Among many reasons, “MYTH about stroke” is among chief reasons. In this article, we will discuss 10 Popular Myths and will enhance your knowledge by real facts.
Myth 1: Old People only get Strokes.

Fact– Yes, it is true that as we turn older, risk of Stroke gets high but as life-style of people in these days has changed and they are more likely to live lazy life with less care of their health, there is increase of risk of stroke for young and mid-aged people also as younger people is linked to the growing incidence of obesity and high blood pressure.

Myth 2: Strokes are rare

Fact– Stroke is a major global public health problem. According to many researches, stroke is the second leading cause of death worldwide. In India Stroke cases have increased more than 100%, which is a very serious thing to matter and taken care of.

Myth 3: Most common sign of a stroke is pain.

Fact- Pain is not a common symptom of Stroke. Haemorrhagic strokes, when vessels in the brain bursts will show with headaches but most strokes, caused by blood clot in the brain do not cause any pain.

Myth 4: It is hard to identify Stroke

Fact- Experts try to educate public by an acronym to remember for the symptoms of Stroke. THE ACRONYM IS FAST

F: Facial drooping

A: Arm weakness. Can you lift your arms above your head and hold them there?

S: Speech impairment. Slurring speech or difficulty speaking is a major sign.

T: Time to get to a hospital immediately.

Myth 5: Stroke can be treated by taking Aspirin

Fact- In the case of ischemic stroke, at best it will do nothing to cure but at worst for haemorrhagic stroke, it will make things more worse. So, it is better to go to the hospital and get proper treatment.

Myth 6: Strokes are not preventable.

Fact- Around 80 to 90 percent of strokes can be controlled. The risk factors like blood pressure, diabetes, obesity should be controlled by changing the life style and living a healthy life, which lessens the chances of Stroke.

Myth 7: Strokes can’t be treated.

Fact- Majority of strokes are ischemic, which are caused by a blood clot, and they can be treated. If patient is brought within 4.5 hrs of stroke there is maximum chances to prevent or reverse damage caused by stroke. With rehabilitation patients will be able to return as maximum as they can to their normal life.

Myth 8: Strokes aren’t hereditary.

Fact- Stroke is hereditary, because risk factors like hypertension, diabetes, and obesity, all have a genetic component and have passed down to generations. More rare causes of stroke in younger people like cardiac tumors, clotting disorders, and abnormalities with blood vessels are all genetic.

Myth 9: Stroke recovery happens only in the first few months after a stroke.

Fact- Most healing process takes place in first few months but recovery can span up to 2 years. According to some studies, stroke patient can get benefit from physical therapy and other rehabilitation treatments after few years of Stroke incident. So, there is no late for Rehabilitation for stroke and recovery.

Myth 10: Smoking doesn’t affect the chances of having a Stroke.

Fact- For both ischemic and haemorrhagic strokes, “Smoking is among the major risk factors of Stroke especially in younger people”. It is always safe to not smoke and decrease the chances of Stroke.